The freezing meat method is one of the best ways to preserve

The freezing meat method is one of the best ways to preserve

July 19, 2022 Off By Quentin

The freeze prolongs the life of food, preserves the leftovers optimally, and most importantly, shortens our work in the kitchen. The freezing meat method is one of the best ways to preserve food. You can buy food products on sale and extend the enjoyment of seasonal fruits and vegetables. It is possible to save leftovers from meals and perform early cooking processes that reduce unnecessary stress before events and a festive meal.

Here are some rules for effectively using your home freezer:

What is not worth freezing?

Any dish that contains potatoes;

Soft white cheeses;

Hummus spread (mainly industrial store-bought hummus);

Live peppers change the taste of the dish by freezing and cooling!

Baked cheesecakes (the thawing process damages the texture).

How to freeze?

Freeze food only when it is at room temperature.

Prefer high-quality sealed plastic utensils or special freezer plastic bags that can be extracted from unnecessary air. The boxes must be fully sealed so that no ice penetrates the food. If you’re not sure, it’s even a good idea to wrap the boxes in plastic wrap.

Adjust the amount of food to the size of the dish and do not leave room for unnecessary air that impairs the quality and longevity of the food. Ice has a tendency to accumulate under the lid of the tool. Cover dry food products and pastries with towel paper before freezing.

Divide the food into small portions; this also shortens the thawing time and means you don’t have to defrost a large amount if you want to use only some. Stick a sticker on each box with a freezing date. If the box is not transparent, it is also worth noting what food you froze.

How do you thaw frozen food?

The best way to freeze food is to refrigerate it overnight. If you are in a hurry, you can place the food on the countertop for a few hours (if it is meat and fish – only in winter). Stews and soups can be transferred to a saucepan and heated over low heat until they reach the desired temperature and texture. It is not recommended to refreeze cooked food that has been thawed.