The Legislation Of The Right Criminal Procedure In Singapore

The Legislation Of The Right Criminal Procedure In Singapore

January 17, 2021 Off By Quentin

Each country has a different method of law enforcement. Therefore, the government has made a law to follow when faced with legal problems. Any criminal case should follow the right procedure, not merely arresting the accused without hearing his/her side. If you are living in Singapore, you must know their law. Fair trial is implemented by following the criminal procedure code in Singapore. The rights of the accused will not be compromised upon following this code. Are you facing legal trouble? So, it is vital to understand how the law works.

The rights of the accused

As an accused, you don’t need to do what the police say. You don’t have to be scared or do whatever the demands are. You are still a suspect and not yet sentenced guilty for the crime filed on you. The accused has all the rights on the following:

  1. When can the police have the right to arrest you?
  2. What offenses are arrestable
  3. When can the police have the right to search the accused?
  4. Do you have the right to call for a lawyer?

You need to know the answers to all of these before you make a move. To avoid possible problems, you need to be guided and understand how criminal procedure can be done properly. With all your understanding of the criminal procedure code, you will know all your rights in any situation.

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Education and awareness

Having an education and awareness of the law is very important, especially on the penal code. As a result, everyone will know whether they are at a disadvantage or not in a criminal case that they are casing. Just how the phrase goes “ignore of the law, excuses no one”, as a citizen you have to know your rights so that no one would step on you.

Understanding the criminal code

A criminal or penal code is a code of laws that concerns crimes and offenses; and their punishment. The Penal Code in Singapore merges the law connecting to criminal offenses. For example, assault, cheating, exploitation, mischief, and theft. These are the offenses that fall under the Criminal or Penal Code in Singapore. But, as mentioned above, if you are accused of one of these offenses, you still have the right to know when you can be arrested; either the offense is arrestable or not. Years had passed, the Criminal code in Singapore has been updated, changes were made, such as:

  • Created new offenses
  • Outdated some offenses and removed
  • Updated punishment options and provisions

All the changes made were based on how they accurately reflect the community and society’s needs today.

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If you are an accused person, don’t take it easy. You may be on the hot seat and don’t know what legal actions you could do. You are not a criminal defense expert or lawyer. Therefore, you need to have legal advice and someone who can be with you, facing legal problems. The Singapore criminal defense lawyers are the legal attorneys who can advise you and can defend you during court hearings and trials.