Tests for drug use are claimed to be unaffected by urine additives.

Tests for drug use are claimed to be unaffected by urine additives.

November 24, 2022 Off By Quentin

This stuff mimics urine just like it says on the tin: It’s a product that’s supposed to imitate it. It’s good for calibrating lab tests for urinalysis, and you can fool drug tests with it if you pass it for clean urine that doesn’t have any drug-related metabolites startup.info. A synthetic urine sample isn’t necessarily the same chemically as real urine, but rather it is formulated to mimic urine’s chemical makeup exactly the way it matters in drug tests.

A fake urine sample cannot look like urine, and the test will catch it, exposing the user as a fake urine user attempting to avoid a positive result. Despite society’s progress in legalizing and normalizing some of the best products on the market startup.info, human resources have overlooked it. Almost every trick in the book is used to make their employees suspicious, from pre-employment drug tests to random drug tests.

Any single one can mean the end of a user’s career. The only thing that’s changed is that technology has improved, so it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. It’s one of the great American pastimes to hide recreational drug use, and that’s what’s changed. With our expertise, we conducted independent reviews, which confirmed Sub Solution’s effectiveness at 99.9%.

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Kits include everything you need to pass a drug test, including detailed instructions to get everything. With the help of a laboratory process, Sub Solution’s manufacturer creates synthetic urine with the exact pH level, the correct chemical makeup, the right specific gravity, and the right balance of all other characteristics. Synthetic urine that is undetectable and toxins-free.

A Sub Solution includes a bottle of synthetic urine, a heat pack used to generate the correct temperature chemically, and a temperature strip to measure the temperature of the urine sample. People often consider asking someone else with clean urine to provide them with urine. Finding someone with no moral qualms about committing fraud with your urine would be best.

It would also be best to find someone willing to give you their urine in the first place. If your friendship circle is the kind you use recreationally, you do not have any guarantee that the other individual is clean. Getting urine from someone unsuspectingly could be considered, but holding it under their plumbing would make it very difficult, and you would need quite a bit of urine to make it valid for a drug test.