November 29, 2021 Off By Quentin

Nowadays,  having a good online reputation has become an indispensable factor for business. In this sector there are many direct competitors that can be found and, therefore, the more positive reviews a store receives, the easier it will be to make the consumer decide against other similar ones.

Increasingly,  consumers decide on an establishment, guided by the opinions expressed by other users about their previous experiences.  That is, once you are looking for information about a 먹튀검증 you would like to go to, you want to find favorable, true and valuable opinions that reinforce your action.

The importance of promoting positive reviews in hotel establishment

Positive reviews have become the old  “word of mouth”  of business. As with the recommendations that friends make to you in relaxed conversations, viewing the comments of other customers will help you make the purchase decision. Recommendation marketing has become a great ally of the food service sector,  since it brings great advantages.

Serve to attract new customers

A restaurant with positive online reviews gives the feeling of quality and that gives an indecisive customer a push to finally choose to attend.

Improve your online Positioning

In a business like the restaurant sector, where there is a lot of competition, having a good positioning is essential. In this sense, Google works as follows: The more positive reviews your establishment has, the better its web positioning will be.

Improve your brand image

Positive reviews create a good image about your business, as they show customers that both your product and your service are of excellent quality.

Dorect contact with the customer

It is very important to respond to all positive and negative reviews, as this will make the client appreciate that you have invested time in him and, it is even possible, that if he has given you a negative score, he can give you a second chance.

Getting customers to leave you positive reviews is a complicated task, usually users tend to show much more interaction when sharing their disappointments or complaints. Therefore,  there are techniques and strategies  that will help us to encourage consumers to leave their positive reviews to help improve the online positioning of our business.