Getting a Reverse Balayage – A Sunkissed Glow

November 2, 2021 Off By Quentin

Balayage is a technique of applying hair color. It is known to bring a smooth illuminating effect on the face, whereas a reverse balayage is known to add some depth and a dimension which is why it has been one of the most preferred hair looks recently. In the salon, one can ask their hair specialists if having a reverse balayage can suit their skin and face type, as going through the process can be lengthy and expensive.

Recently, getting a reverse balayage has become the coolest trend especially for women with blonde hair texture. Because of that, reverse balayage remains the top option for light hair color or blonde hair texture people.

The hair color reduces the difference between highlights and root colors. It also brightens the rest of the highlights used. It works out well for women with blonde hair if they decide to commit to darker hair color. So, the stylists usually don’t go with the ombré shade to lighten up the ends, but they will start by applying the formula backward and adding deeper tones to get the lovely and wow some effect.

How long does the process usually take?

The process can take up to 45 mins but in some cases, it would up to 2-3 hours if one has asked for a layered reverse balayage. But before that, a good hairstylist will take time to measure the person’s face and hair to see what could be a fine placement. Moreover, the statistics can vary as the color used also differs, making the pricing range also fluctuates.

Does reverse balayage needs tons of maintenance?

The hair color requires less maintenance when compared to other types of hair treatments. Also, it will require less commitment, especially for women who have light-colored hair and are looking for some change without fully committing to a complete brown or darker shade. It is also less expensive to manage and maintain the hair after getting a reverse balayage and is perfect, especially when people want to go out and travel.

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