Do you know about the benefits of SVG?

Do you know about the benefits of SVG?

December 26, 2020 Off By Quentin

Scalable graphic vectors, known as SVG (Scaleable Vector Graphics), are a graphic language that uses the XML format. These images can be edited with a basic text editor. These have been supported for some versions in most browsers today, IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera. The SVG format is recommended by the many nowadays.  Click here for SVG animation.

Nowadays SVGs have become one of the important parts within the User Experience (UX) when it comes to browsing web pages and applications, adding an extra layer of personality in all of them.

Using basic functionalities in programs like Sketch and Illustrator, SVG designs are easily exported in HTML code.

Only with CCS, SVG graphic vectors can adapt to size and other CSS3 animations, such as lateral or vertical displacements, size transformations, rotations, transitions, as well as using temporary repetitions and controlling the time of each one of the transitions. Visit this site for SVG animation.

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These are the advantages of vector graphics

So, let us talk about the main benefits of Scaleable Vector Graphics-

The scalability

The scalability of these charts is one of the main advantages. This means that even if we increase or decrease the size, the resolution of the drawing is maintained, unlike traditional jpg, gif graphics, etc. Instead of using bitmaps, SVG graphics contain the instructions for the browser to create the drawing natively.

Reduced size

The reduced size of these graphics is also one of its advantages, since it will help us to minimize the size of the pages and maximize their loading speed.

Top-notch animation

Another advantage is that with SVG graphics you can create animations, in this way we can create better effects on our Web pages. Many top websites are now using SVG to provide better user experience to the users.