Finding The Right SEO Bristol Agency Means Questions Both Ways

When you are trying to boost your online profile in Alabama, then finding the right SEO Bristol agency is necessary. Through their campaigns and projects, they should be able to draw organic search traffic to your company website and then convert that into revenue and resources your business can profit from. When the time comes to find your next SEO agency, it honestly won’t matter if you’re looking to replace someone, find a firm for the first time you ever use outside SEO help, or are just looking to make sure your current partner is still the right fit. In every case, you need to interview multiple potential possibilities.

bristol seoYour business meeting with any SEO Bristol agency should involve a free-flowing conversation. If they intrigue you enough that you’ve invited them over to sit down and chat with them, then you don’t really need to hear their sales pitch. Likely, they’ll have one to start the meeting with, but it should not dominate the entire proceeding. In fact, it should take a minority of the time everyone has allotted for this meeting, because you don’t want an SEO agency just looking to close a sale. You want a relationship, a partnership. These early interviews are not unlike sharing a quick coffee or beer with someone before committing to bigger dates.

To that end, while you want to be SEO savvy enough to understand any technical jargon they are discussing and throwing at you, you also want to get to know them as a business. If they sent one person to talk to you, ask them personal questions and get to know them as a person. How do they generate backlinks for their clients? How long have they been in the industry? How long have they been at their firm?

Questions like these give you a real insight into how the agency runs itself, not just its SEO campaigns. You want to partner up with an agency that is looking to serve and assist its clients, not just take your money and whip up a set number of backlinks or blog posts. In fact, you’ll hopefully get questions from their side of the table. What are your company goals? How will SEO help? What metrics do you use to measure success? What keywords do you target? Who are your competitors?SEO Bristol

When you interview an SEO agency that wants to get to know your business, you know they’re trying to figure out how they can help you win, not just move up rankings.

What an SEO Liverpool Company Can Do For Your Site

seoSearch engine optimisation, if done right, can give your website or blog significant success online. But how do you, as a Liverpool business owner, know that you’re doing everything you can to make sure your site is seen by Liverpool residents and beyond? That’s where a professional comes into play. An SEO Liverpool service can get your site to the top of the main search engines for your particular focus. What are some of the major things that such a service can help you with?

1. Understanding Search Engine Guidelines

Even if you’re good with keywords and other factors that make for an effective website or blog, the search engine you’re focused on can change their rules at any time. Google, for example, is known for changing their rules and regulations on a regular basis. Those who don’t stay on top of Google’s changing rules could find their website or blog harmed as a result. An SEO expert is knowledgeable of what’s happening with the search engines and can save you the step of having to research them yourself. More on guidelines.

More on how search works according to Google:

2. Getting Your Keywords as Optimised as Possible

One of the core factors of successful SEO is having highly optimised keywords. Keywords are words that define what your content is about. For example, if you were a wedding photographer, one of your keyword phrases would be “wedding photographer.” However, to optimise the phrase, even more, an SEO Liverpool professional would suggest something even more targeted. So if you were a wedding photographer located in Walton, Liverpool, the phrase could become “wedding photographer Walton Liverpool.” The more targeted your keywords, the better you will reach the right clients.

3. Getting You on Social Media

In the 21st century, your website or blog is not enough. Virtually every professional business has a presence on at least one social media site such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. An SEO Liverpool professional can help you understand the importance of social media and help you decide which social media sites would be best for you. For example, if you are a wedding photographer in Liverpool, a site such as Instagram would be a perfect place for you to showcase your photography because Instagram is a photo social sharing site.

4. Monitoring Traffic and Rankings

Keeping up with your traffic and rankings on social media takes time, but that’s what an SEO professional can do for you. Having a professional monitor such details saves you time and allows you to focus on other things for your business.

If you want SEO to work for you, you have to stay on top of the things that make search engine optimisseoation successful. Hire an SEO Liverpool professional to help.

SEO For Responsive Websites – Web Design And SEO Series

When Google announced its preference for user-friendly responsive websites in June 2012, I immediately saw an influx of posts that equated responsive design with search engine optimization. This is unfortunate because, while responsive websites can be SEO-friendly, some responsive websites are not.

I’ve detailed some of the common errors that give responsive websites problems in search results in an article on Search Engine Land earlier this year, so it’s nice to be able to do a more in-depth SEO audit of a responsive website here on Smashing Magazine.

I know not everyone’s definition of SEO is the same, so for those of you who don’t know my work, it should be emphasized that fixing all of these issues with SEO will improve the user experience in general; and like most credible SEOs these days, I don’t believe in manipulating search engine algorithms for short term ranking benefits.

The website I’d like to audit today is the US version of Disney Junior. I’ve chosen this website for three reasons: it’s not run by a client or a partner; it exhibits a lot of the SEO issues of many responsive websites; and my two and four year olds are huge fans of the brand and often use my smartphone or our family iPad to visit it. Hopefully, Disney can use this free advice to make its website better for my kids and kids like them who search.

It’s worth noting that because Disney Junior is not a client or partner, there may be information about business requirements that I am not privy to. In these cases the recommendations might not be helpful to Disney Junior, but should at least be valuable as SEO best practices for responsive sites.

This audit of Disney’s beautiful but often frustrating website shows that mobile SEO doesn’t end once you’ve made a website responsive, and it gives Disney a framework to make its website more usable and findable on search engines.

Is The Website Indexed?

Disney Junior doesn’t seem to have any real issues with indexing; many of its pages have been indexed by Google. See for yourself with a simple search, or verify it in Google’s Webmaster Tools if you use it.

Read more:

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